She comes home and she smells like the forest after it rains and with dirty footprints on the wood floor, she climbs into my bed and curls up against me. I feel the warmth of her body against mine and I feel so content and safe. We are one, when we are together. I could feel her coming home from a mile away. She’s the only place I call home. I love her and the way she walks, the ways she breathes. I’m even mesmerized by the sound of her breathing. It’s like no one else knows how to do it properly. I’m sure I’ve never heard anyone breathe that good. You are my family, my home, my heart, and my life. She keeps me sane and insane at the same time. I’d be lost without her presence near me I feel like there’s nothing we can’t do together


Her hair is all fluffed out, but obviously looked after, and pushed away from her smooth face with a cloth headband. Her skin is the color of nutmeg, and when she turns and meets my shy eyes, her smile is flawless, her teeth white but obviously loved by the tea she buys every day.
We’re in the book café, same as always. I, the skinny dyke in my skinny jeans, with tattoos, my silly jacket, gauges, the works. She, the gorgeous hippie, with her handmade skirts and tanks, her sandals and jewelry. I always sit in the corner, in the cozy armchair, curled up with a newspaper or book I pull at random from one of the many shelves. She always has a journal with her, worn and loved, that she writes in every day as she sits in the sun and sips her tea, always in my sight.
Every day, as it has been since the very first day, she comes in after me, orders her tea, and (not so) discreetly glances in my direction. As always, our eyes meet, as I am already quietly watching her from the moment she steps through the door. She gives me the smile that lights her face and my heart, before quickly turning back around.
She takes her tea and goes outside, sitting at the table by the window where we can see each other, as she always does. Sometimes we catch each other looking, and always smile shyly before turning away. Always, she scribbles furiously into her journal, and I wonder what she could be writing so passionately about, day after day.
I shall never know, for today is the last time I shall see her.
Perhaps this is false. Perhaps I will see her around town, at the farmer’s market. But never again will we have our morning moments.
I stand up, leaving the book on the stand. I salute the baristas a final time before heading outside. I walk past her slowly, leaving a single daisy on her journal, and never look back. I’m headed home to my Partner.







I’m pretty sure you’ve reached Legendary Status when the God of Skating, Tony Hawk looses his shit

That’s literally the move Christ Air from the first tony hawk pro skater game


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do u ever look back on ur childhood and get blown away by how gay u were before u even knew what gay was

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Drug dealer appreciation post




Thank you for risking your ass so I can get high.

Finally some kind of appreciation. No problem dudes, stay high ✌️

Thank you and I love you

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may death just be a word and life be a book.

you shouldn’t be afraid of not finding love. love should be afraid of not finding you.

some people have a fear of falling.. when actually they should have a fear of their feet never leaving the ground.

stop looking for the key to happiness. you already have it. spend your time looking for the locks.

some people are afraid of heights. i have a fear of lows.

the earth is only so thick. the more people that push you into the ground the closer you are to coming out of the other side and seeing sunlight again.

i believe that the more out of your mind you are, the more space and potential you have in there for genius.

holding a gun doesn’t necessarily make you a soldier… but holding a hand does.

most people only find one love of their life… i am lucky enough to have found TWO. pen and paper.

melody is the best form of medicine.

you are beautiful… just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean that i don’t.

when you love someone their freckles start to look like stars.

stop shopping and spending money on cameras. the best ones are found on your face.

if you want to live forever… start writing songs.

just because you can’t change something doesn’t mean you should let it change you.

believe in whatever you choose… but never stop believing in belief itself.

sometimes to fight FOR someone you have to fight WITH them. they’ll appreciate it later.

don’t always believe in fate. at times it’s better to believe in hard work and the beauty of spontaneity and coincidence.

we all exist… but we don’t all live.

always make sure your cheeks hurt more than your heart.

when people give up on you… send them thank you cards. they’re nothing but wind in your sails.

don’t aspire to be just another star. aspire to be a supernova.

you have not fully inspired someone until you have inspired them to inspire someone else.

let your heart take whatever shape it chooses as long as it still fits in your chest.

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Get me this shirt

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